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(I know Finneran has done some fill-ins..never been a full-time talk host.)I had heard that someone higher up at Entercom had been pushing for them to hire Finneran even as far back when Peter Blute was leaving the station.I will admit that he's not as I thought he'd be...he's still pretty bad.

I think her comments are short-sited, and she is apparently not doing anything to continue to promote radio as an ongoing source.With the prolonged negotiation and announcement when he came aboard... However Finneran was out of work...probably thought this was an easy way to work out his years...maybe he didn't need to much $$$persuasion. Here's Jessica Heslam's article from this week: Host of issues for WRKO’s Finneran While I think the issue of the 'help wanted' ad (i.e..9AM, etc) is a non-issue...points made about WRKO's ratings slide into oblivion is worth noting.WRKO’s overall ratings were down 28 percent among 25- to 54-year-old listeners from the spring to summer, according to Arbitron.Sports Talk Radio And Racism: Like Baseball And Apple Pie Boston Radio Historian, former PD, consultant, and current instructor at Lesley College Donna Halper, will speak Wednesday Evening in Danvers of her new book about Boston radio history: Boston Radio:: 1920-2010She will be introduced by Northeastern University's Dan Kennedy, also of WGBH-TV's "Beat the Press. You've probably heard the debate ever since Oldies 103 signed on in Boston! ;-)For some it's the Ronette's for some the Beatles, For some The Shirelle's, for some it's Boogie Oogie Oogie.

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