Dating powder horns

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Dating powder horns

Remove the Scale: Remove the scale and other deep nicks and gouges in the horn.

The scale is very hard, brittle and dry material that covers roughly the lower two thirds of the horn.

The following is an article from the February 2007 edition The American screw-tip powder horn was an innovation by professional horners, turners, and a few rifle makers.

With production centered in Eastern Pennsylvania in its earliest years, the screw tip horn thread its way South on the great wagon road, west through the Cumberland Gap and across Forbes Road and down the Ohio River, thus paralleling both the production and migration of the rifle it served.

We are bursting at the seams in a 2,500 square foot building, plus outside shops.

Since January, 1984, one bag design has been dropped and twelve designs have been added.

Several of the original designs have been modified and improved. The glaring exception to that statement is the 01-454 St. It was copied from an original pouch of the 1840's.

In January, 1984, the original business was sold and moved to North Idaho.The term 'powder horn' is used by some as a term for all kinds of powder containers such as copper flasks, but this article consentrates about powder horns made from cow or buffalo horns.In Norway it was common to use flat powder horns, especially in Western Norway and the area around Gudbrandsdalen.Horns which have a slight curve in a second plane can be acceptable but make sure it curve matches the side you intend to wear the horn on.Horns which are corkscrew shaped should be avoided for making powder horns.

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