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In 2011, for the first time, the census category "Irish Traveller" was introduced as part of the broader Gypsy/Traveller section.

The self reported figure for collective Gypsy/Traveller and/or Irish Traveller populations were 63,193 The London Boroughs of Harrow and Brent contain significant Irish Traveller populations.

Children of age range 0–17 comprised 48.7% of the Traveller population.

Following the findings of the All Ireland Traveller Health Study (estimates for 2008), the figure for Northern Ireland was revised to 3,905 and that for the Republic to 36,224.

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They have their own language and their tradition as “tinkers” or tinsmiths goes back hundreds of years. You were a “knacker” or a “pikey” that’s all you’d hear everyday. “Whatever you want on your wedding day you have to get,” she said.

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However, when she arrives at church, it soon becomes apparent she is sharing the communion with her non-gypsy schoolfriends, who are bemused by her over-the-top dress - inspired by Lisa Dowell's wedding dress in Eigthies movie Coming To America.

Some of these terms refer to services that were traditionally provided by the group: tinkering or tinsmithing, for example, being the mending of tinware such as pots and pans, and knackering being the acquisition of dead or old horses for slaughter.

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