Warwick bass dating

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Warwick bass dating

Warwick is a Germany-based bass guitar manufacturer company.

Warwick basses were originally a premium brand offering a small range of models built from high quality and exotic tonewoods.

They wanted Richard to further his music career, and the family was fed up with the cold New England winters.

Carpenter studied music at the California State University at Long Beach.

Japanese-built Takamine Pro Series guitars can be reliably dated from the eight-digit serial numbers typically found at the neck block inside the instruments.

For example, serial number 07100091 indicates a guitar built in 2007 (07), in October of that year (10), and that it was the 91st guitar made that month (0091).See below for the formula used to tell the year of manufacture.View Pro Series Guitars Japanese-made Takamine models distributed in Japan have their own serial-numbering scheme that can be used to reliably date them.Warwick is operating according to the guidelines of European Unions Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, which is a voluntary environmental management instrument designed to continuously improve companies’ environmental performance.Once a year the company hosts a "Warwick Bass Camp", where participants from all over the world are given the opportunity to join training courses and learn from notable bass players such as Victor Wooten, John Patitucci, Lee Sklar, Stuart Hamm, Alphonso Johnson, Dave Ellefson, Hellmut Hattler or Gary Willis.

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There, he met Frank Pooler, a conductor and composer who wrote the lyrics to the Christmas classic "Merry Christmas Darling" in 1968.

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