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The 12 Women of COUPLED include: Alexandra "Alex" Age: 23 Hometown: Louisville, KY Keep up with Alex at: TWITTER: @yoalexrapz FACEBOOK: facebook.com/alexontheair INSTAGRAM: @yoalexrapz Alicia Age: 29 Hometown: Toluca Lake, CA Keep up with Alicia at: TWITTER: @aliciamblanco FACEBOOK: facebook.com/aliciamonique.blanco INSTAGRAM: @aliciamblanco Alyssa Age: 32 Hometown: Sherman Oaks, CA Keep up with Alyssa at: TWITTER: @IAm Alyssa Reeves FACEBOOK: facebook.com/alyssareeves INSTAGRAM: @thealyssareeves Ashley Age: 27 Hometown: Marco Island, FL Keep up with Ashley at: TWITTER: @itsashleyreitz INSTAGRAM: @ashleyreitz FACEBOOK: facebook.com/ashleyreitzmodel Brittany Age: 24 Hometown: Manhattan, NY Keep up with Brittany at: TWITTER: @brittanyannlo INSTAGRAM: @FACEBOOK: facebook.com/brittanyannlo Domonique Age: 29 Hometown: Seattle, WA Keep up with Domonique at: TWITTER: Domonique PESQ INSTAGRAM: Domonique PESQ FACEBOOK: facebook.com/domoniqueprice Kristin Age: 33 Hometown: Los Angeles, CA Keep up with Kristin at: TWITTER: @kristinkirgan INSTAGRAM: @kkirgan FACEBOOK: facebook.com/kkirgan Lindsey Age: 30 Hometown: Carlsbad, CA Keep up with Lindsey at: TWITTER: @lindseytuer FACEBOOK: facebook.com/Lindsey Megan Tuer INSTAGRAM: @lindseytuer Lisa Age: 26 Hometown: New York, NY Keep up with Lisa at: TWITTER: @lisamrotondi FACEBOOK: facebook.com/lisa.rotondi INSTAGRAM: @lisamarierotondi Michelle Age: 28 Hometown: New York, NY Keep up with Michelle at: TWITTER: @iammichelletam FACEBOOK: facebook.com/michellet.music INSTAGRAM: @singlemomandthecity Talyah Age: 27 Hometown: Lakewood, CO Keep up with Talyah at: TWITTER: @talyahpolee FACEBOOK: facebook.com/talyahpolee INSTAGRAM: @talyahpolee Terecia "TT" Age: 26 Hometown: Alhambra, CA Keep up with Terecia at: INSTAGRAM: @Itsjusterecia FACEBOOK: facebook.com/Tereciabaker OFFICIAL SHOW SOCIAL: TWITTER: @Coupled FOX / #Coupled FACEBOOK: facebook.com/coupledfox INSTAGRAM: @Coupled FOX TUMBLR: [06/30/17 - AM]Comedy Special "George Lopez: The Wall, Live from Washington D. 5His fourth live solo stand-up special on HBO, the exclusive presentation will feature Lopez performing all-new material before an audience at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.[06/30/17 - AM]Marvel Television Returns to San Diego Comic-Con in Full Force with New Series & Fan-Favorites!Once he's met all of the women, the guy goes to the tiki bar to see who walked right.There's always the potential that none of them did, and the guy's going to walk into an empty tiki bar. After some mingling time in the tiki bar, the guy gets to choose two women for further dating, and then later has to narrow it down to one woman to invite to stay with him in a bungalow."The Voice" producer Mark Burnett spoke about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's relationship backstage after his show took home the Emmy for best reality competition."People go through peaks and valleys, lights and dark times in their lives," Burnett said.The women and men will be armed with cell phones throughout their time on the island, allowing the opportunity to communicate with the others - whether it involves asking a friend for advice or flirting with a potential new love connection.

“We really haven’t made a decision yet,” network programming boss Dana Walden tells The

Then, the real soap opera will begin to unfold as these budding pairs discover whether or not they have true compatibility.

COUPLED will also feature the one thing that all modern romances have in common - texting.

Hosted by Terrence "J" Jenkins and produced by Emmy Award winner Mark Burnett ("Survivor," "The Voice"), COUPLED gives the ladies first choice as they opt "yes" or "no" on each single man who arrives at their bungalows on the island of Anguilla.

As couples match up based on their instant chemistry, they'll jet off to another part of the island to put their relationships to the test.

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(The women do have some say in the matter, but it's still minimal.) Also also: it's summer.

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